Friday, April 24, 2009

Not lost--just been elsewhere

I barely started this blog and then became caught up in a lot of life and just did not get back.
It seems I have a knack of becoming too busy because brain informs me I still have energy of a 20 year old..but that's not quite true.
I am slower.
But not out of the picture. When I can, will fill you in on the past eight months but just now..a note about today.
Goose Creek and all of Low Country have weather of beautiful sun and topped out at 80 degrees today. Gentle breeze. There are some homes and grassland plus forest involved in large fire about 100 - 110 miles north east of here in Myrtle Beach area..not Myrtle Beach itself..all that just fine..but new neighborhoods West of there a suburb..People have had to evacuate and I think so far 100 homes have been burned. Sad. But not even any smoke or smell of smoke locally so I suppose the sea breezes are moving such in another direction.
The Azeleas in yard have just about stopped have the Camillas (Camellias start as early as November)..Spring flowers such as Forsythia, Breath O' Spring, the early white Iris, redbud, (we had a frost that killed nearly all the Dogwood blooms) Yellow Jasmine, etc ..have ended their season . Now roses are bloomings, so are the small carnations, Amryllis (I have several planted in yard) and a few other flowers.
All these have been on their own for the past four or five years as I was slowly losing strength of hands or too much pain for gardening and just mostly watered and cut grass with light weight self propelled mower..I have lost some flowers from neglect. But, things are somewhat better now. There is improvement.
Our children in Chicagoland and Spokane doing well..our grandchildren too and the great grands (five) also. So no complaints if beautiful.
But I have other responsibilities just now so must sign off. I hope I am on here again within a day or so. Love to all..geny/GG/MOM

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well, I understand.

I just create my message and the sorting, placement is done automatically..
Soon as I closed the computer I thought you matter how you
create your message,...this computer has placement program of it own.
So for now, that is where I am. So sez Geny/mom/GG with love to all and Jim too


  2. Just look ..I found the color chart..
  3. and now..found the "numbered list
  4. But the truth is..I have to go..get my things ready for trip to Temple tomorrow..
  5. A dear, dear friend being sealed to her husband that died YEAR AGO THIS MONTH..
  7. ON ANOTHER NOTE, I AM DYING TO GO SEE "GONE} WITH} THE} WIND" aha!!! ..changed color..does that look like dust flying away in the wind??
  8. Anyway, a local artsy theatre is showing "Gone With The Wind" on regular screen from 35 mm film as it first hit the big screens in 1939. Their reason? Starting next year or year after, we will see the end of literal film - physical prints on film because theaters are going to digital (which I do not fully understand but believe it will happen.)
  9. I have this movie on VHS and DVD but I would love to see once more in same venue as first time my eyes view this story on film..(we all read before and during the time the film being made, of course...)
  10. But time to go..I have many things on this calendar to accomplish today and I bid you adieu, slowly slink away from this "play station" still not knowing how to make columns on my blog.
  11. No, I choose to just float away on another errand such as doing a load of laundry, strip bed for second laundry session...unload the dishwasher and research my brain as to why I can make columns on regular computer programs and not in this blog.
  12. So acccept my tender feelings from MOM/geny/GG with love to each of you and Jim too.

I am lost-----

June 26, 2008 "WHERE AM I"
This spot I found but accidentally so not sure which part of the woods I am traveling but the path not too clear. I thought I was setting up columns!
Otherwise I guess I am OK..the computer has not shut down on me (yet!)
Somewhere I caught glimpse of "check spelling" but have lost it..oh no, now I is on the top row at this point!!
I went to bed last evening wondering what I have done the past six months since Christmas..not much it seems and now (at least last night) I have exactly six more months till Christmas is here again.. And I thought, you had better do your Christmas letter soon as when that time rolls around your left hand will be in a cast, etc.
But I want this to be in columns
and not have to, manually backspace (like this)
to make it happen!!! This makes me think
of my first day in kindergarten when I thought
by being there I would totally learn how to
read..and cried all the way home and the rest
of the afternoon to Mama that I went and was
very good and still I cannot read. It took her some
time to convince me I still had hopes of reading.
I have to sign off and go find how to make columns!!!
Love to all and Jim too.